Update 1: Hello World.

Update 1: Hello World.

Hello and welcome! Today, we are excited to introduce Supermassiv — a digital collectibles marketplace where music fanatics can own a piece of music history straight from their favorite artists.

Collectibles on Supermassiv have a limited number of editions and feature exclusive, unreleased, and never-before-heard music, custom art, collector’s edition merch, private access to livestreams, and more — all fully authenticated and tracked on blockchain.

That's right... these are exclusive, unreleased music collectibles that only a few lucky collectors can hold and access. Artist collections on Supermassiv are truly rare and special. Collections are created by artists as the first step to building a true relationship with their most loyal fans.

Moreover, these rare collections should not come at the expense of the environment. Supermassiv is built on Solana, where each transaction takes less energy than a Tweet! Fans can choose to purchase with a Solana compatible wallet or a credit card — you choose.

Why now?

The bond between artists and fans is the lifeline of meaningful and lasting music careers. We have found ourselves drifting further from that connection as all music is available all the time. We spend less time discovering the artist behind the art and more time consuming. And, even though social media makes artists more accessible and touch points more frequent, it lacks authenticity and depth. We long for that connection.

The blockchain is enabling artists to release their digital work in a way that re-values the art and the connection to their fans. Every collectible is an authenticated, non-fungible piece. A set number of lucky fans can own the music and exclusively consume it — more like art.

Because, music is art!

Why shouldn't it be collected and traded as such?

Furthermore, artists have been trying for years to figure out how to better engage with fans and manage fan clubs. Having a limited set of collectors is the perfect way to identify super fans and offer them more!

On Supermassiv, artists can offer music collections that also include exclusive access to livestream performances, collector’s edition merch and vinyl, meet and greets, and more of the stuff that super fans want.

Music is art.
It moves us.
It knows our emotions better than we do.
It creates the soundtrack to our lives.
It runs so deep that it is part of our identity.

Our team is made up artists and technologists. We come from the music and the tech industry. We believe in empowering artists with technology that is accessible to all. We are excited to share our roadmap as we build and look forward to engaging with fellow music fanatics.

Our first collection is a free! We will be minting only 200 editions from acclaimed EDM producer, CRUELS.

With over 7 million streams on Spotify, CRUELS conjures up an infectious sound that truly hits the sweet spot. His sound is a meld of future house, 90s and R&B. CRUELS sets feature live performances adding exciting elements that melt these genres perfectly together.
Prior to his solo project, CRUELS was a member of The Limousines where he wrote and produced 3 studio albums and toured US and Europe.
Behind-the-scenes, CRUELS is an art contributor to several large NFT projects. He is a multi-talented artist, producer, songwriter and modern tastemaker. He currently lives in LA where he collaborates with top artists.

CRUELS Rosetta Stoned is an exclusive, never-before-heard track and custom art collectible. Holders own the collectible and may choose to trade their token directly on Supermassiv (or other NFT exchanges).

Each collector holds both the art and access to the music in their Supermassiv wallet. Artists can choose to continue to airdrop additional free content and share announcements with their holders to further nurture their community of collectors and fans!

Collections are deeply personal to artists as a way to share an intimate look into their craft for their most loyal fans. All music in collections is unreleased and only for collectors. Supermassiv music collectibles are not to be re-shared or pirated. This preserves the value of the collectibles for the artist, fans, and especially the collectible holders.

We will be announcing more artist collections in the next update!

Sign up for artist drop announcements. All collections are limited edition, so you won’t want to miss the drop.

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